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What is 3BaysGSA PUTT?

At one third of an ounce, 3BaysGSA PUTT is the world's lightest golf putting analyzer*, which fits perfectly to the end of club grip and uses advance motion sensors to digitize your putting motion and transmit to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. You can get the information instantly through its unique GSA PUTT app. This revolutionary technology aims at helping golfers to develop more powerful, accurate and consistent putting.

Who is it for?

3BaysGSA PUTT is suitable for all golfers of any skills who want to understand their putting performance, identify any flaw and improve swing. It is also a perfect teaching aid for all golf instructors to take golf teaching to the next level.

Will 3BaysGSA PUTT work with my phone or tablet?

3BaysGSA PUTT has two versions to work with different mobile operation systems. Black and white one is for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Pure black one is for Android smartphones or tablets. For details, please visit our Technical Specifications page.

What does 3BaysGSA PUTT track?

3BaysGSA PUTT tracks the movement of the putter and also provides key swing metrics including Face Angle, Attack Angle, Swing Path Distance, Impact Speed, Tempo, Backswing time, Downswing time, and consistency.


How to align the GSA in your club?

The 3BaysGSA PUTT device may not be applied correctly on the end of your putter, please align the arrow on 3BaysGSA PUTT device with the mark of the golf grip, which is pointing to the square position of club face as below.

How do I apply 3BaysGSA PUTT to my putter?

Insert 3BaysGSA PUTT easily to the hole on the club grip of putters. The smart design makes it free from obstruction to your putting.

How does 3BaysGSA PUTT track?

The compact device is powered by advance 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope sensors, which track the movement of the club. Through the patented algorithm, all swing metrics are presented precisely and accurately.

How does 3BaysGSA PUTT connect with my phone or tablet?

Completely wireless. 3BaysGSA PUTT transmits swing data instantly to your mobile via Bluetooth. No wire is required.

Is 3BaysGSA PUTT suitable for both left-handed golfers and right-handed golfers?

Yes, 3BaysGSA PUTT automatically detects if you are left-handed or right-handed golfers. No setting is required.

How can I charge 3BaysGSA PUTT?

3BaysGSA PUTT is charged via the micro USB wire which comes with the packaging. It takes 2 to 3 hours to fully charge the device.

How long does the battery last?

For normal usage, the play time of 3BaysGSA PUTT is up to 5 hours on full charge.

Mobile App

Where can I download GSA PUTT app?

For iOS version users, you can search and find GSA PUTT on App Store HERE. (The app is dedicated for iPhone, but it also works fine for iPad. You can expand to full screen in portrait mode.)

How much does the app cost?

It's all free. But you will need a 3BaysGSA PUTT device to work with it.

What information can I see on the app?

You can playback the animation of your putter swing motions and watch it in slow motion for in-depth analysis. You can simply swipe up the screen to view all the key swing metrics.

Where are my swing records?

Every swing you take is stored on the app. You can check the records by date.

Can I compare my swings with others?

You can set any of your swings or coaches to be the 'Best Swing' and compare each swing against it. In recent app updates, we also preload reference swings of some PGA Pros. Let's see how you stack up against PGA Pros!

Did the app freeze? The "Processing the swing data" window is on the screen not moving.

Please check the signal strength of internet connection in your phone/tablet. If the signal is too weak, we suggest to switch off the data connection or you can switch to Airplane mode when using GSA app.